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Cowered by your Basic health insurance are:

Pregnancy check -up’s, childbirth and the postpartum care are part of maternity and are covered by the basic insurance.

Maternity benefits include the following:

- 7 pregnancy checks by the doctor or midwife (others on medical prescription)

- Birth preparation course (minimum 150.-)

- Birth

- Postpartum care at home

up to the 56th day after the birth, for premature babies and twins, as well as for   first-time mothers and after a caesarean section, the midwife may make a maximum of 16 visits. If you       already have a child, there are 10 visits covered.

- 3 breastfeeding consultations

-  Follow-up check 6-8 weeks after the birth


Individual services

Benefits that are not covered by basic insurance.

On-call service:

900.-      | hospital birth

1000.-    | home birth (including a 2nd midwife)

115 .- *  | puerperium

* Some municipalities and health insurance companies contribute to the costs.

Acupuncture 65.- per session

Hypnosis  | 120 per hour


Consultation (without pregnancy check)  | 120.- per hour


Individual birth preparation  | 120.- per hour

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