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“To be pregnant means to be in good hope, and to be in good hope means to expect the possibility of goodness.”

-Sören Kierkegaard


Pregnancy is the time of change and growth.

As soon as you find out being pregnant, many things change in the life of two people.

A woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father, a couple becomes parents. ... and with the birth of a child, a new family is born Whether planned or unplanned, from my own experience I know, that the world is upside down a long time before the first cry.
Different feelings and questions coming up and it might be helpful to have someone besides you.

I am here for you. With open ears, my midwifery knowledge, a lot of calm and trust in the body of women, in the unborn and my own experience as a mother of three. 


Prenatal Care

The pregnancy checks take place at your home or at the Seespital Horgen.

The prenatal examinations can be done by the doctor, by the midwife or by doctor and midwife alternately.


Consultation / confrontation with the birth

A consultation creates space to clarify questions, address fears and work out possible solutions.

Especially when you get pregnant again, the first birth experience becomes more present again.
If there are unanswered questions, or if a birth went differently than desired, it is worth talking about them and working through them.


Advice in special situations

Perhaps a caesarean section was required for the first birth, which does not mean, that it has to go the ame way for the next birth. Perhaps your child is breech. What does not mean you need a primarily c-section.
The birth provider, Dr.Zeidler has a lot of experience in breech births. 

Perhaps you are expecting twins. Special situations need special preparation and time to clarify questions and discuss possibilities. For more information contact me.


Birth preparation

No time to attend a course, or interested have an individual birth preparation? 

Usually a private birth preparation course takes 2-3 hours.



Hypnosis can be compared to deep relaxation and / or mental training.

Women who feel comfortable during childbirth and who do not take any medication will reach a state of trance at some point.

With the preparation and learning of self-hypnosis, it is possible to get into this trance state earlier.

In my opinion, hypnosis is the best mental preparation for birth, as it strengthens trust in your own body, in yourself and in the child. Fears can be reduced and replaced with strength.

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."


-Maire Mongan

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