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"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."


-John Lennon


Births are planned, as life itself.

Every birth is unique, as individual as each of us.

I see my task as a midwife in recognizing this uniqueness and adapting my actions and my support to the needs of the woman, child, family and the given situation.

Individual care, creating a comfortable space where women can give birth to their children in security and peace. Personal and continuous one to one care during birth is a luxury. 

This can be guaranteed in the case of a on call birth in a hospital or a home birth.


On call birth at Seespital Horgen

In my work as a midwife, I get to know the women, fathers and children before the birth in order to build up trust, discuss wishes and ideas and prepare the birth as far as possible.

Ideally, the first contact takes place at the beginning of the pregnancy.

An initial consultation and at least 2 pregnancy checks are the minimum for childbirth accompaniment.

In the See-Spital (Link there is the possibility of a midwife birth (midwife-managed), a birth in cooperation with the doctors of seespital or an attending doctor of your choice.


Home birth

If you want to welcome your child at home, I will accompany you during the pregnancy and do the pregnancy checkups.

During the visits we can get to know each other and are able to build a relationship of trust.

In addition, everything important about the birth can be discussed and organized during my visits with you.

Requirements for a home birth are:

- Period of birth between 37 + 0 and 41 + 6 weeks.

- Trust in your own body and in the child

- no twins

- the head is at the bottom

- good health, no contraindications

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