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Every woman giving birth...

Every woman giving birth deserves the best support she can imagine. Especially in times of covid, this is an issue that we should keep an eye on. It should be a woman's right to be accompanied by a family member, her doula, midwife and doctor, and if she wishes, a birth photographer as well. Why? Because childbirth affects the life of a woman, the newborn and the whole family. It's a life changing experience. A woman giving birth deserves to feel safe and secure, so that she can completely let go and open up to bring this new life into this world.

We are particularly sensitive during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. What a woman needs in this phase of life are people around her, who treat her with respect and kindness.

A woman and her partner need some form of communication from their birth providers that is informative and honest, but should never be fear-based. In time of strict guidelines and laws, this is not easy. I know most of us midwives and doctors do our best to do so. But as I said, it's not easy to find a bridge between our heart and the recommended guidelines. What you can do as a mom is educate yourself and prepare yourself, so that you or your partner will be able to ask the right questions in case intervention is recommended. This makes it easier for you and anyone else trying to figure out the best path for you and your unborn baby.

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